NEOBIAO is the first company specialised in restoring and selling Vintage Chinese Mechanical Watches, from the 50s to the 90s.


All watches are original and fully reconditioned. When it comes to vintage, every watch will be unique, different from one another.
Their condition is the perfect balance between wear, patina and aging: these define the unique personality of a particular watch and determine its “magic”.

Wether you are a watch collector or you simply want to bring back home an authentic souvenir from your trip in China, you will be pleased to find our affordable watch selection. Available on a first come, first serve basis, please check back with us frequently as we are always adding new listings.

China is nowadays the largest watch and watch parts supplier in the world, supplying almost every brands including the most well-known.

China’s watches production started back in the 1950’s and by buying a vintage watch, you are participating in the rebirth of those beautiful pieces often unrevealed.

We give a second life to those beautiful pieces from the past, mixing their Chinese soul with a French modern twist.